Tuesday, May 20, 2008


How would you define Happiness? A total state of mirth, joy...

I once read somewhere "Happiness is from within and not from without".

I think, i am feeling a bit light on the head.....as i ramble on...........trust you will find your HQ (happiness quotient)......

Till Then... CIAO!!!!

The day is fine..............

It's a beautiful day today, quite unlike the month of May. Nice and cool. Everything around me feels so good and beautiful. Weather indeed defines the mood...

Have you been reading the blogposts of AB, i am....and today's posting is too mushy, too sentimental...The superstart now toucheth the emotional side in real life too..The iconic "Vijay" of 70mm, who could bring even the strong willed to tears now turns a tear-jerker in real life.. Keep it up...Mr. B
Honey B

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The day was bright, sunny and hot....as i prepared to leave for work, the sky started to turn cloudy and i dismissed it as one of those mirages that i keep on seeing on a hot day..i guess, everybody does so...& back from a recent trip of Europe all i dream of is good weather. But today, i guess, was my day, somewhere up above the weathergod heard my pleas...and rain in did! Black clouds, winds and a heavy shower...it's still cloudy outside, as i write. I am happy, and back in spirits...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

And the Titans Maketh War

Celebrity blogging, the next big thing in India. AB is at it with vengenance, Aamir does it in a more subtle way. The great titans now speak to their audience with the new found medium. Interesting, but how long will the fad last!

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 8th 2008

My first blog...though i have been an occasional writer, but this the first published piece. Feeling good about it.
Cheers to me and to my Blog :-)